Natural Solutions to Help Fight Pain

by | Jun 11, 2021

You might be seeking natural ways to get relief from joint pain, arthritis, or inflammation without the potential side effects of medications. Well, we’ve decided to put together some natural measures to help fight pain and improve your everyday life. 

The interesting part is that you can take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of CBD, which is now added to products like topicals to help relieve pain. One amazing product that works to relieve pain is the The Helping Friendly Salve – Unscented – 250mg – Delta8 Infused Topical.” This product is derived from U.S.-grown hemp and it contains a blend of natural oils, including unrefined virgin hemp oil, avocado oil, arnica oil, and coconut oil. 

Now let’s talk discuss the natural measures you can adopt to get relief from pains:

Using a hemp-derived topical salve

CBD topicals have been an amazing option for help fighting pain. In fact, people who engage in a lot of exercises, such as athletes, have found salves to be highly beneficial in providing relief for muscle soreness. 

That’s because our bodies carry an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which comprises a network of neurotransmitters and cannabinoid receptors. 

So taking cannabinoids (CBD) products have been shown to help relieve pain. A study examined the link between CBD and reduced chronic pain. In this study, 94% of the participants experienced reduced pain and improvement in their quality of life. 

Several other research has shown that applying CBD topical helps to reduce pain and inflammation. 

One powerful blend of all-natural oils that offers daily cannabinoid therapy for pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation is The Helping Friendly Salve – Unscented – 250mg – Delta8 Infused Topical.”  This CBD salve combines the therapeutic benefits of hemp-derived Delta-8 and CBD isolate.

Get moving

You can reduce pain naturally by staying active. Studies have shown that exercising helps to decrease arthritis joint pain. 

When you exercise, your muscles break down and this triggers your body to produce endorphins that help alleviate pain. 

If you’re worried about exercises that are tough on joints, you can try exercises like swimming, walking, and tai chi- these exercises are considered gentle on your body while still helping.  

Practice good sleep habits

You can promote the healing of pains naturally by getting enough sleep. Try to practice habits that support quality sleep. For example, you can make your bedroom dark and quiet, establish a regular bedtime schedule, and turn off electronics before bed. 

Eat fiber-rich diets

Several studies have shown that people who eat fiber-rich diets have a lower risk of developing osteoarthritis pain. 

When you eat foods high in fiber, your body produces lots of short-chain fatty acids. This can help to support a healthy balance of gut microflora. 

When there is an imbalance of these microbes, you tend to have a higher risk of having body-wide inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis diseases. 

Warm-up aching joints

You can apply heat to painful joints to ease your discomfort. This helps to loosen stiff joints, increase blood flow to sore muscles and distract the brain from pain. 

You can apply heat through:

  • Hot bath
  • Hot water bottle
  • A Hot Compress
  • Gel-filled pad that you can heat in the microwave

The beauty of this natural method is that you can combine it with a salve like The Helping Friendly Salve – Unscented – 250mg – Delta8 Infused Topical” to get relief from pain. After applying heat to the painful regions of your body, you can massage the pain spot with this CBD salve. 

This way, the hemp-derived cannabinoid (Delta 8 THC) in the salve penetrates the skin and binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, hence, reducing pains and inflammation. 

Apply a cold compress

Painful joint inflammation often leads to arthritis, but applying a cold compress over the affected area has been shown to reduce inflammation.

Cooling down joints may also slow nerve impulses, and this interrupts the pain signals. 

Cultivate healthy relationships 

A lot of people suffering from chronic pain tend to rate their pain lower when they cultivate social networks. When you keep yourself engaged in some healthy environments or around lovely people, you’re less likely to report pain as you go about your day-to-day activities. 

So here’s what you can do Volunteer, join a book club or participate in a local group for people living with chronic pain. Just by having a support system, you’ll notice a lasting affect.

However, if it’s challenging to leave the house, you can join an online group where people with your condition share their experiences and offer support. 

Enjoy a massage

Getting a therapeutic massage can help loosen your tight muscles, improve blood flow, and relax your mind. 

Several studies have shown that massage may help reduce pain in people living with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

Using natural topicals like The Helping Friendly Salve – Unscented – 250mg – Delta8 Infused Topical” for your massage therapy helps for faster relief from pains. More so, it gets your blood flowing properly, thereby supporting healthy living. 

Final Remark

There are many natural ways to reduce pains and inflammation without having to deal with the side effects of medications.  You can take advantage of effective natural products like The Helping Friendly Salve – Unscented – 250mg – Delta8 Infused Topical” to relieve pain. You can also combine it with other natural measures like exercise, good sleeping habits, eating a fiber-rich diet, cultivating a healthy relationship, applying heat or cold compress, or massage. 

The interesting part is that you can combine these natural measures to get the best result. You can use CBD salves like The Helping Friendly Salve – Unscented – 250mg – Delta8 Infused Topical” for a therapeutic massage. 

However, you can talk to your health care provider for the best treatment that suits your lifestyle. 


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