Our Mission at Infinity Strains is to educate and innovate in the CBD space. By taking the highest quality U.S. grown hemp and making superb products, we are able to focus on our customers needs. We know that finding a consistent CBD supplier can be difficult, especially a supplier that you can trust. We are dedicated to building a brand that all of our customers can stand behind! High quality and based in Colorado, what more do you need?!

Certificates Of Analysis

(cannabinoids, heavy metals, and pesticides)


Infinity Strains was born out of necessity and started from scratch through a drive to help people. We recognized a severe lack of high-quality options outside of pharmaceuticals and over the counter drugs for people who are looking for ways to treat and alleviate a wide array of ailments or just increase overall health and wellbeing. The search for all-natural alternatives to standard prescriptions and their multitude of negative side effects instinctively led us to the cannabis plant, it’s multitude of beneficial compounds, and their host of benefits.

CBD has opened a channel of holistic health options that work through your body’s endocannabinoid system. Providing much needed relief without the negative side effects of laboratory fabricated synthetic drugs, and most importantly, the hope for a better and healthier future collectively.

We also believe that the only way to deliver these benefits to our own families, friends and customers, is the right way. With honesty, integrity, and by providing products with unmatched quality and value, we work hard every day to earn your business, and most importantly, your trust.

Now that you know why we started, come check out our process!

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