D8 Baked Cookies 250MG – Chocolate Chip (12 Pack)

D8 Baked Cookies 250MG – Chocolate Chip (12 Pack)


12 Pack – 3 Cookies Per Package

84mg each cookie / 250 mg Total in each 3 Cookie Pack

Introducing a new line of edible Delta 8 THC products: Chef baked Delta 8 cookies.  These cookies feature a soft center and crunchy exterior, made with Bio-Dri™ technology.

What is Bio-Dri™ technology?

Bio-Dri™ Tech is 3x smaller at its smallest width than Nano Tech, giving a noticeable true bioavailability increase. Unlike Nano technology which is made with synthetic chemicals, Bio-Dri™ is 100% natural, vegan and GMO-free.

  • Approx. 84mg of Delta 8 THC per cookie
  • 250mg total Delta 8 THC per package
  • Each pack contains 3 cookies


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