D8 THC Chocolate Bar 300MG (12 Pack)

D8 THC Chocolate Bar 300MG (12 Pack)

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D8 THC Chocolate Bar 300MG (12 Pack) – 300 MG per bar | 25 MG per piece

Urb Finest Flowers Chocolate delivers a sweet balance of chocolate and Delta 8 THC.

Created with premium ingredients, our Delta 8 THC infused chocolate bar invokes a feeling of luxury with it’s creamy and smooth texture.


Cookies ‘N’ Creme: The perfect mashup. Chocolate cookies and vanilla crème flavoring create this iconic flavor.

Rainbow Rocks: In the mood for white chocolate filled with sweetened cereal pieces? Rainbow rocks is the choice for you.

Milk chocolate is perfect for those who enjoy the classic flavor of milk chocolate. Our dark chocolate has rich flavors and is a true indulgence for any chocolate lover.

*All orders containing chocolate products will be sent via FedEx 2 Day shipping, depending on the current weather conditions in the shipping destination unless the shipping destination is in a cooler climate. Please note in summer months FedEx 2 Day will be the default shipping method. Shipments of chocolate will go out on Mondays and Wednesdays.*


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