D9 THCO Blunts 3G (6 Pack)

D9 THCO Blunts 3G (6 Pack)


D9 THCO Blunts 3G (6 Pack)

The mega smoking experience boasts a total of 3 grams;  2 grams of premium flower, ½ gram of live resin oil and ½ gram of triple sifted golden kief.

Sour Joker: With a strong diesel punch balanced with a dash of honey goodness, Sour Joker will light up your senses.

L.A. Wedding Pop: L.A. Wedding Pop is the perfect combination of spiced pepper and bright, sweet vanilla to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Truffle Butter: Truffle butter has a rich decadent and savory flavor with hints of buttery smooth coffee and sweet vanilla.

Blue Watermelon: Blue watermelon gives a blast of fruity flavors with tangy berries and Watermelon for a delightful tropical profile.

Mango Kush: Mango kush’s tropical sweetness with ripe mango creates a genuine island infusion.

Forbidden Gusher: Forbidden Gusher is dripping with rich, fruity flavors complemented by hints of light sweetness.


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