Koko Nuggz D8 THC Cereal Treats 500MG

Koko Nuggz D8 THC Cereal Treats 500MG

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Koko Nuggz are cocoa covered cereal treats – shaped to look like a flower bud featuring full spectrum Delta 8 THC. The rich taste of roasted, smooth peanuts makes this peanut butter flavor indulgent.


Contains 50mg Delta 8 per piece | 500mg Delta 8 per jar

*All orders containing chocolate products will be sent via FedEx 2 Day shipping, depending on the current weather conditions in the shipping destination unless the shipping destination is in a cooler climate. Please note in summer months FedEx 2 Day will be the default shipping method. No matter the time of year, we only ship chocolate out on Monday and Wednesdays.*


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