The White CBG Craft Grown Hemp Flower

The White CBG Craft Grown Hemp Flower

The White CBG Craft Grown hemp flower is an earthy, potent strain with aromas of kush, fuel, earth, relaxing and super chill properties 4g.


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White CBG hemp flower is a strain that shines with frosty white trichomes. This particular strand of hemp is Cannabigold (CBG) rich and has all the benefits of CBD, but also offers the more intense effects that customers love. With just enough Sativa to help with daytime activities, you’ll enjoy enhanced clarity, focus, and mood without drowsiness. Our expert bud team can sit down with you to find out exactly how this strain will suit your needs so please don’t hesitate to ask about White CBG hemp flower today!


  • Delta-9 THC: Non Detectable
  • CBG: 12.476%

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