Tokyo is a CBD Indica hybrid strain derived from pheno-hunted varieties of the well known and loved OG Kush. Experience a truly lemony, diesel aroma and taste.

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With this cultivar or “strain” of the OG Kush, the buds are a fluffy, less chunky Christmas tree shape, but make up for lack of density by being absolutely dripping in crystalline sticky trichomes. This flower will stick to your hands.

While sporting the name “Tokyo”, this outstanding CBD rich flower was actually born and bred in Northern California. Tokyo has a pungent diesel aroma upon first sniff, but  follows up strong with a tart mix of lemon and crisp pine taste when consumed.
Expect some relaxing indica effects reminiscent of couch-lock while enjoying this connoisseur smoke. 

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1 review for Tokyo

  1. Jonathan

    Tokyo has a unique bud structure and it’s very very sticky. Smokes nice with a fruity flavor and nice chill effects from this fire cbd flower.

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