Vortex is a sativa dominant CBD strain packed with flavor. The rich terpene profile gives it a full body topped with sweet, tropical, citrus candy tones.

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Buds naturally packed with terpenes, the nose on these beauties is one you will remember. A stabilized purple leaning phenotype and heavy layer of trichomes give Vortex that visual appeal and will leave your fingers sticky after breaking up this flower for a very satisfying smoke session. 

When enjoying the tasty smoke of the Vortex CBD strain, your experience will be a lightly euphoric yet clear cerebral experience, providing a nice distraction from what’s on your mind, suiting itself to a daytime reprieve or relaxing after a busy day.  

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1 review for Vortex

  1. Jacob

    By far my favorite strain it has a wonderful smell you just can’t get enough of

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