Delta-8 White CBG Flower

Delta-8 White CBG Flower

Our Delta-8 THC Infused, Amish Grown Certified Organic White CBG flower delivers a powerful cannabinoid derived from the cannabis Sativa L (HEMP) plant. This lifted flower packs a semi mind-bending, uplifting feeling of relaxation, body sensations, and clear headedness, unmatched by hemp flower alone.

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Absolutely trichome covered light green velvety buds, with blazing orange hairs woven throughout make this stunning strain hard to differentiate from standard Triple-A cannabis flower.  

CBG White is an indica-hybrid strain of hemp that is current the reigning champion in the CBG cannabinoid arena, seeing numbers consistently reaching 16-17%, even surpassing 20%! It has a light lemony, sweet, earthy, chamomile scent and taste to it, without being overpowering. 

White CBG fans have reported this amazing strain to aid in inflammation, anxiety, and a host of other ailments. It gives a relaxed, content, laid back feeling.

A descendant of the “White” elite THC variety, White CBG was reverse ratio bread and converted to a pure CBG chemotype.

The smoke is smooth and leaves a sweet citrus taste in the mouth, followed up with earthiness. Vaping gets you clean and sweet pine and citrus flavor with just a hint of dates or raisins.

Within minutes, this D8 infused, near 20% CBG flower hits full bloom. The effect is a brilliant calm and a boost to the mood that promotes focus and a sense of well-being.

This Delta-8 bud will get you where you want to go without taking you out of the game. 

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