Tips to Choose the Best CBD Hemp Flower

by | Feb 1, 2022

When it comes to picking the best CBD hemp flower, you don’t need to be hasty in making your decisions. Always keep in mind that the current market is flooded with many deceptive companies that just want to take your money from you. So pay close attention as we continue!

At Infinity Strains, we are not only giving the best quality products, but we also care about our customers’ decision-making process and safety. We’ve put together this piece to guide you when choosing CBD hemp flowers online.

Without much ado, the following factors are what you should strongly consider when deciding the best hemp flower to buy:


Just like you can easily judge the quality of fruit from the way it looks, you can also judge the quality of a CBD hemp flower from its appearance. The normal color of CBD hemp flowers is green, so if you notice any brown coloration, that is a red flag.

However, the shade of green can be anything from pale yellowish-green to dark grass green and pea green.

Also, CBD flowers should have a healthy cluster of dense, well-trimmed buds. Apart from the buds, these flowers should have a visual look of frosty crystals, which are the trichomes containing the active ingredients.

Again, watch out for debris known as a “shake.” Some manufacturers put more loose buds, stalks, petals, and leaves in their flower bag, which stays at the bottom. And they want you to pay the full price for the product. Don’t fall for this as your bag is meant to be filled with nice, whole flowers.

At Infinity Strains, our hemp is locally grown in Colorado, and our CBD hemp flower is a healthy cluster of dense green buds. You can check for our variety of options in our store.


You need to keep in mind that flowers are raw herbs, and they may harbor dangerous components and chemical strains. So you need to be sure the ingredient in the product you’re purchasing is not harmful, and that the THC level is not more than 0.3%.

Our CBD hemp flowers at Infinity Strains are free of synthetic additives and contain a value of 0.3% or less THC.


Although it is easier to inspect the aroma of a CBD hemp flower in a store rather than online, most online vendors will still do their best to describe the smell in their product description.

The best flowers will have a cannabis smell. More so, the perfume strength will be based on the quantity of flavonoid content, such as terpenes, contained in the flower.

There may not be differences in the base, but the flower may have a citrusy, piney, fruity, sweet, earthy, or sour note.

If you choose to buy from a store, you don’t have to ask the clerk to pinch the flower to have a sample of its smell. That’s quite unreasonable. The quality products will produce their aroma naturally.

Our CBD flower buds at Infinity Strains are naturally packed with terpenes that give a pleasant aroma as you smoke.

Lab testing

The trusted brands will always publish the third-party lab test results of their products to stay transparent to every one of their customers. The third-party lab should be accredited and work in accordance with the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

More so, the lab testing results should be recent and not be more than two years old. Otherwise, it may not be relevant to the batch you’re buying.

The test results will reveal that the hemp flowers were cultivated following the best practice. Also, it will show the CBD content and pick up whether additives or extra ingredients are in the mix.

You should also check the section detailing the contaminant and heavy metal analysis.

All our products at Infinity Strains are third-party lab tested and this is presented in our certificate of analysis.

Pricing and packaging

You don’t have to break the bank to get CBD hemp flowers. Choose brands that are trusted and have budget-friendly prices for the flowers.

After delivery, always check for damages on the packets or seals. If you find any, ensure you return the product and ask for a refund.

Final Remark

After reviewing all the factors we’ve highlighted above, it will come down to a matter of your preference and taste. You may need to try different flower options to find the one that is most pleasant to your taste.

You can view our collection of CBD hemp flowers at Infinity strains and choose the flavor and taste that suits you best. Our prices are very much affordable and we offer juicy discounts.


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