Top Reasons to Try Delta-8 Gummies

by | Apr 26, 2021

Have you wondered why a lot of hemp users are making a switch to delta-8 or adding it to their daily routine? Well, there are a plethora of reasons for that and we’re going to discuss them in this article. 

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is one of the newest found cannabinoids in the hemp plant. It is studied to demonstrate antiemetic, analgesic, neuroprotective, anxiolytic, and appetite-stimulating properties. Although Delta 8 contains little to no amount of THC, it shows a much lower psychotropic potency compared to what you get with delta-9. 

That is why many researchers and users record that Delta 8 allows one to stay in control and sharp-minded. It does not exhibit the paranoia-inducing properties that delta-9 causes in some people, in addition to other negative effects of THC.  

Delta-8 gummies

Many hemp plants contain trace amounts of delta 8 THC. These compounds can be even present in higher concentrations when these plants are selectively bred. However, the amount remains low overall. 

To get delta-8 he hemp mass is broken down to remain only the desired cannabinoid. This extract, which is a concentrated level of delta 8 and minor cannabinoids is used in edibles.

Gummies are made from a precise amount of concentrate and other natural ingredients and sweet flavors. These THC bites are exact servings that have been tested and perfected time and time again.

Our users particularly rave about our Urb delta 8 gummies and Urb Delta 8 THC Chocolate, so we do know that we’re offering something special to every customer we reach. 

Top reasons to try delta-8 gummies

We all have reasons to add something to our routine. Many of the reasons people are using CBD are the same reasons people are switching to delta-8 and incorporating it into their daily routine. 

Quickly, let’s run through the top reasons why you need to try delta-8 gummies:

It works better than taking CBD alone

If you’re already using any CBD product, you will notice it takes time to feel its full impact. Sometimes, taking just one cannabinoid is not enough, and that’s where delta-8 comes in. 

Delta 8 gummies are edibles that you can easily use routinely since you’re already taking CBD. The good part is that you’ll get the best out of the entourage effect produced. 

You might wonder what an “entourage effect” means. This is a term used to describe the synergistic relationship between cannabinoids, and their ability to intensify their properties due to that synergy. 

You enjoy improved focus 

Consuming delta 9 is linked with feelings of slowness, lethargy, and brain fog, and that’s the major reason why a lot of people avoid it. The intensity of the “high” feeling produced put off some users, making them unable to focus, think, or sleep soundly. 

All of these feelings are not experienced with delta 8 as users experience a less intense psychotic high. More so, they report feeling motivated to stay productive, and the effect of delta 8 does not disrupt their ability to stay active. 

Being able to gain control of your life while you enjoy a high is what a lot of people find they were missing before trying delta-8 and incorporating it into their routine instead of delta 9.

You can incorporate our Urb delta 8 gummies and Urb delta 8 & THC Chocolate into your routine.

Delta 8 has enticing properties

 Delta 8 THC has an array of properties that many users consider beneficial. This form of THC is known for its:

  • Ability to stimulate appetite
  • Neuroprotective capabilities
  • Ability to reduce nausea and relieve pain
  • Ability to reduce anxiety-stimulating symptoms

With such a plethora of benefits, it makes so much sense to substitute any form of Delta 9 THC with Delta 8 THC. You can try our gummies and chocolates to enjoy the enticing properties of delta 8. 

Delta 8 is an excellent addition to any wellness routine

If you desire to get the best wellness routine, especially ones that include cannabinoids, incorporating delta 8 gummies into your wellness journey is the way to go. You stand to enjoy the wide range of benefits this compound has to offer.

You can add the delta-8 THC gummies to your to-do list today.

Final Remark

Looking at the top reasons to try delta-8 THC above, you should now understand why a lot of people are making the switch to delta-8 gummies. You can get our Urb delta 8 gummies and Urb delta 8 THC chocolate. Adding these delicious treats to your routine each day is a perfect way to start your wellness journey off right. 

You can visit our store for the best delta-8 products you can find in the market

Note that none of these products is a substitute for any conventional treatment. Always seek your doctor’s advice before using any product, especially if you suffer from any medical condition. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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