What is Craft CBD Flower and What’s So Great About It?

by | Aug 16, 2021

The Era of hemp prohibition is rapidly coming to a close. The 2018 Farm Bill already legalized the cultivation and use of hemp and many states have legalized the use of hemp for recreational and medical purposes. 

Now is the era of Craft CBD flower that focuses on growing the buds (flowers) of the hemp plant, however, there is a need for regulations to help small-time growers. 

More so, it is important to maintain sustainable farming practices in the weed industry to preserve the environment and the health of the general public. 

Infinity Strains offers the best CBD hemp flowers you can find anywhere. Check out our store. Our hemp is grown locally in Colorado and we show full support for local hemp farmers. 

What is Craft CBD flower?

Craft CBD flower is the byproduct of focusing on growing the flower of the cannabis Sativa plant instead of growing the plant for biomass. The idea is to take specific strains of the hemp plant that have been bred to contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC and grow them to their full organic potential. 

However, for the hemp flower to be considered craft quality, organic plant food must be used. Unfortunately, many farmers feed their hemp plants with synthetic, organic fertilizers. These synthetic products may pump out huge crops but they will definitely not grow as nature intended. 

The bad part of using synthetics is that it may cause unseen changes in the effects of the hemp plant on its users. That’s why we strongly advise against any hemp flowers from non-organic sources. 

Dutch Delight is organically grown and its serene high will calm you and work out all the stress and strain of your day. 

Why it is important to have good quality CBD flowers

There are now many small-scale farms around today, and there are a few challenges to this. Many farms starting up may say their hemp is grown organically whereas they do not have certifications. Some farms may have used non-organic matters but claim that their flower was grown organically. 

That’s why it is advisable that you inquire about a company and ask them what products they use, especially if you have doubts or you’re unsure about their farming system. 

The major highlight of craft hemp flowers is choosing the most unique genetics. There are many different phenotypes in all of the different hemp strains available out there. 

More and more farmers are crossing new strains of hemp and this is leading to an explosion in the number of different hemp strains available out there.

Craft CBD flower farmers continue to seek the most CBD potent and flavorful strains available and as a result, produce the best hemp flowers. 

One quality hemp flower you can trust is the Dutch Delight. This product by Infinity Strains has a delicious flavor and light cerebral effect. It is an Indica dominant (90% Indica 10% Sativa) strain and a serious connoisseur level flower that is perfect for an easy-going daytime or evening smoke. 

The importance of sustainable farming

You need to consider sustainability when thinking of craft hemp flower farms. Are they utilizing local resources and making their own compost? Or are they going to the hydro store to buy fertilizer?  

A craft hemp farmer could use the plants already growing on their property or their neighbor’s chicken manure to add into the farm brewed compost tea. They could also plant non-invasive flowers near the hemp plants instead of putting poison out to deal with gophers. 

Also, the water source is an important consideration. Is the field using an excess amount of water that is impacting the local community? Craft hemp farmers need to ensure that they are not using so much water as it can affect the local community badly. 

There are actually great benefits for humanity when high-grade hemp strains are grown correctly and their flowers containing a high level of CBD are harvested. This offers extensive health benefits for everyone who uses it. 

You can always get hemp flowers from Infinity Strains – all of our products are made from the highest quality U.S-grown hemp, and they come with a certificate of analysis (COA) to show you that you’re getting nothing but the best in premium hemp. A good product you can try is Dutch Delight.

The relevance of small-time growers

Big hemp companies are now producing vast quantities of indistinct hemp. As these large farms producing cheap hemp drive the price down, small-time growers may be affected greatly. 

More so, the legalization of hemp has opened the market to major corporations, including tobacco companies which have the resources needed to transform the hemp market. 

But one problem with the big hemp companies is that it’s not clear the hemp plant is capable of large-scale cultivation. Each hemp strain has unique cultivation needs and many strains are notoriously high-maintenance. It would be hard to grow these hemp strains on a large scale without a noticeable drop in quality. 

That’s why the small-time growers are the best. Some states have taken measures to protect small-scale growers. California, for example, has limited the maximum canopy size of a hemp farm to one acre, which is quite small compared to most American farm crops. 

Models like the appellation system used in the wine industry could have helped to achieve a sustainable, small-scale vision of hemp farming. The appellation system is a legally protected designation that shows the geographical region where a product was created. This can help the hemp industry to differentiate local products from generic products. 

More so, if the appellation system is adopted, it could protect local farmers from the threat of cheap hemp flooding the market. It also provides transparency and protection to consumers. 

Luckily, there are some trusted local small-time growers who you can trust for your Craft CBD flower. At Infinity Strains, our hemp is grown organically in Colorado, and we support local hemp farmers. 

One hemp flower – Dutch Delight– gives a sweet, minty, strawberry cheesecake aroma. These premium greenhouse CBD hemp flower buds are Indica dominant and it is suitable for working out all the stress and strain of the day. 

Final Remark

Craft CBD flower involves growing bud or flowers of the hemp plant confirmed to have less than 0.3% THC. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD and enjoy an overall positive experience. However, you have to be careful when selecting products and ensure they are grown organically. Many non-trusted producers are out there giving wrong product information. That’s why you need to check for their certificate of analysis to be sure of the makeup of their products. 

One trusted hemp flower grown organically in Colorado is Dutch Delight. You can add these premium greenhouse CBD hemp flower buds to your routine to enjoy a lift in your spirit and calm after a stressful day. You can check our certificate of analysis here. Enjoy great delight with every puff!


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